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more direct democracy? 

(BÜRGER.MACHT – Mehr direkte Demokratie?!)

Documentary film, Germany, 2020, 89 mins., 4K, 16:9, colour

A story of a nationwide pilot project, the Democracy Citizens’ Assembly. The citizens themselves are the protagonists who lead us through the film and sketch the state of the country from the living rooms of Germany. In 2019, 160 citizens were drawn by lot from the German population register. The aim is to include the public in decision processes in ways that go beyond elections. Over the course of four days in Leipzig, they will offer their input on the future of democracy in Germany.

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Gruppe SPUR_Die Maler der  Zukunft_Films

SPUR - The painters of the future! 

(GRUPPE SPUR – Die Maler der Zukunft!)

Documentary film, Germany, 2019, 85 mins., 4K, 16:9, colour

A portrait of the SPUR group, which is considered one of the most important avant-garde artist collectives in Germany after 1945 an whose art, manifestos and political actions made a decisive contribution to the mood of social awakening in the 1960s.  


A walk on the tightrope

(Auf dünnem Eis – Die Asylentscheider)

Documentary film, Germany, 2017, 95 mins., HD, 16:9, colour

Whoever applies for asylum in Germany has to sit across from them just once: the deciders of the Migration Office, the ones evaluate who can stay and who cannot. A film about people who have to apply big politics to individuals every day. About thoughtfulness and morals and the impossible task of always doing the right thing. 

Access to Justice

Documentary film, Germany, 2013, 44 mins, HD, 16:9, colour
original version German-English-Tagalog, dubbed in German

A seemingly lawless region in the middle of Germany. The immunity of diplomats is regulated by law, their staff however, have until now been refused access to justice. The film tells the stories of diplomatic staff and their personal struggle in a judicial way, which will decide whether the human right 'access to justice' will overcome the diplomatic immunity.

Little Poland - In Berlin since ...

(Little Poland - Berlin seit ...)

Documentary film, Germany, 2010, 57 mins, HDV, 16:9, colour
original Polish-German version with English subtitles


The Polish community is the second largest in Berlin but still it seems invisible. Where are all the Polish migrants in daily life? And what does successful integration mean - is it supposed to be visible or invisible in our society? "Little Poland" shows a portrait of polish life in Berlin and follows four polish protagonists telling their hopes, wishes and fears of a life in Berlin.

Living on the Landing


Documentary film, Germany 2007,(short version: 15:25 mins), 2008
(long version: 31:30 mins), HDV, 16:9, colour, original German version with English subtitles


"Podestleben" tells the story of Monika, a woman who would "officially" be considered homeless, who has been living on the top landing of a staircase in a Berlin apartment building ... for the last twelve years. This is where she sleeps, spends her time and has furnished a little home for herself. To her, the landing of the staircase is a place that provides security, a place she has chosen for herself and a place she knows inside out -a proper home.

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