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SPUR - The painters of the future!

Gruppe SPUR  -  Die Maler der Zukunft!


Directors: Sabine Zimmer

Executive Producer: Rainer Höcherl 

Line Producer: Sandra Budesheim

Cinematographer: Marcus Winterbauer

2.Camera: Tom Kimmig, Florian Lampersberger

Sound: Moritz Springer

Key-Grip: Markus Pluta

Editor: Antonia Fenn, Kai Wido Meyer

Motion Graphics: FILMGRAPHIK, Kai Wido Meyer

Music: Markus Acher, Cico Beck

Production Company: RH Dokufilm

Co-Production: Crossendfilm


A portrait of the SPUR group, which is considered one of the most important avant-garde artist collectives in Germany after 1945 and whose art, manifestos and political actions made a decisive contribution to the mood of social awakening in the 1960s.

SPUR (German for "track") was the name chosen in January 1958

by a group of Munich artists: three painters (Helmut Sturm,

Heimrad Prem and Hans Peter Zimmer), a sculptor (Lothar Fischer) and a "political agitator" (Dieter Kunzelmann). In a post-war Germany still haunted by Nazism, SPUR saw itself as an "insurgent reaction" against the conservative  state.


The film focuses not only on their artwork in regard to contemporary art history but also on their political activities, particularly their time in the Situationist International movement around Guy Debord in Paris. The film takes a close look at their artistic synthesis and introduces the surprisingly unknown SPUR group to a wider international audience.  



Premiere: DOK.fest Munich - 05 / 2019

International Filmfestival Emden Norderney – 06/2019

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