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Hakuna Matata

In the workshops the african youth had the opportunity to express their own film ideas by writing a script based on their experiences in Germany. In the subsequent shootings the youth had the chance to try their hand as amateur actors in their own story.
The film workshops were carried out in conjunction with the refugee organisations Zwischenstation e.V. und Evin e.V. - Betreutes Jugendwohnen.



"Hakuna Matata - No problem", short film
17:20 Min., HDV, 16:9


Idea: Bridget Awino Ochieng, Ann Wambui, Djaboudia Diallo, Michael A. Oladele
Directors: Sandra Budesheim & Sabine Zimmer
Cinematographer: Claudius Grimme
Editor: Jeremie Jean
Sound: Elisabeth Pollinger
Production: Crossendfilm

Olivia -  Bridget Awino Ochieng
Angie -  Ann Wambui
John -  Michael A. Oladele
Marc -  Nico Ehl

Olivia comes from Kenya and only recently came to Germany. She is torn between Marc, her German admirer and John, her African boyfriend whom she promised to bring to Germany. Her African friend Angie advises her to think of her own future, to forget about John and to be with Marc for her residence permit. Olivia is not sure. What should she do?


Participation in Jugendforum 2009, Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin



Jugendnetz Berlin
Berliner Jugendforum


"Dukes of Berlin", short film
16:30 Min., HDV, 16:9


Idea: Jelson Segunda, Milton Paixao, Lamin Jabi, Ibrahim Said, Bussuriu Diallo
Directors/ Script: Sandra Budesheim & Sabine Zimmer
Cinematographer: Claudius Grimme
1 AD: Timo Zöller
Editor: Claudius Grimme
Sound: Arsen Avdalyan
Production: Crossendfilm

Jelson Segunda
Milton Paixao
Lamin Jabi
Ibrahim Said
Bussuriu Diallo

Doorman - Ingmar Skrinjar
Casting agent - Martina Ysker
Dance teacher - Katharina Gebhardt

A group of boys wants to have a good time in a club one evening, however the doorman sends them away giving the reason, 'Foreigners day is Tuesday'. This experience persuades the boys to be there for each other and to pass a test together as a group.


Participation in Jugendforum 2008, Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin
2nd prize LIMA Filmfestival 2008, Lichtenberg/Berlin
Participation in DenkMal Jugendforum MediaFestival 2008, Berlin


article from 2009, january, 20th at ""

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